Tarot and Our Furry Friends: Exploring the Mystical Connection Between Pets and The Cards

Have you ever caught your furry companion gazing into the distance, and wondered what profound thoughts are whirling through their mind? While our pets’ thoughts might be simpler than ours, they are no less significant. They, too, experience a rich tapestry of wants, needs, and feelings, communicating in their unique, often non-verbal ways. Interestingly, the universal language of Tarot offers a bridge to understanding these silent conversations, providing insights into the inner lives of our beloved pets.

Building Confidence with Tarot and Pets

The act of reading to pets, particularly dogs, has been shown to boost confidence in children, especially those facing literacy challenges. This concept, originating from the Reading Education Assistance Dogs (READ) program, highlights the therapeutic benefits of interacting with pets in a non-judgmental space. Extending this approach, practicing Tarot readings with pets can serve as a gentle, supportive way to hone one’s skills in the craft, fostering an energetic bond between human and animal.

Tarot Readings for Pets: A Glimpse into Their World

The idea of conducting Tarot readings for pets might raise some eyebrows, but why should our furry friends be left out of the spiritual loop? Given that pets also have their astrological charts, tailoring Tarot readings to fit their simpler, day-to-day concerns makes perfect sense. Unlike humans, pets are more attuned to the present moment, their immediate needs and feelings, which the Minor Arcana adeptly reflects.

The Major Arcana Through Pets’ Eyes

When reading Tarot for pets, one can either exclude the Major Arcana, focusing solely on the Minor Arcana’s day-to-day relevance, or keep the full deck, adapting interpretations to fit the pet’s perspective. For instance, The Fool could symbolize an adventurous walk with your pet, while The Empress might hint at a much-needed grooming session.

Interpreting the Minor Arcana for Your Pet

Each suit of the Minor Arcana holds specific meanings that can be translated into the language of pets:

  • Cups: Representing emotions, Cups can indicate your pet’s feelings about family, home, or their need for love and care.
  • Wands: Symbolizing desire and energy, Wands might refer to your pet’s favorite toys, their playful nature, or even their mating instincts.
  • Swords: Reflecting thoughts and communication, Swords could reveal your pet’s stress, anxiety, or the clarity of their understanding and responses.
  • Pentacles: Related to material aspects, Pentacles might denote your pet’s possessions, their sense of security, or their comfort zone.

Court Cards and Their Pet Personalities

Court cards in pet readings can represent the humans connected to the pet or even embody the pet’s own personality traits. Is your pet a vibrant Page, an adventurous Knight, a nurturing Queen, or a proud King? Matching your pet with a court card can offer intriguing insights into their character and your relationship with them.

Connecting with Your Pet Through Tarot

To conduct a reading for your pet, simply attune yourself to their energy, whether they’re resting or playing. This intimate practice not only helps in understanding your pet’s behaviour and needs but also strengthens the bond between you. Remember, the aim is to tap into your pet’s world, using the Tarot as a guide to their well-being and happiness.

Animal-Inspired Tarot Decks

Several Tarot decks feature animal themes, such as The Dog Tarot, Magical Dogs Tarot, Mystical Cats Tarot, and The Wild Unknown Tarot. These decks can add a fun, thematic layer to your readings, resonating with pet lovers and providing a unique lens through which to view the Tarot’s wisdom.

In essence, blending the mystical world of Tarot with our pets’ lives opens up a playful yet profound avenue for deeper understanding and connection. Whether you’re a seasoned Tarot reader or new to the cards, exploring this path can bring unexpected joy and insight into the shared journey with your animal companions.

Written by Celeste Arcana

Celeste Arcana is a tarot enthusiast and spiritual writer with a passion for the mystical and the arcane. With a background in psychology and a deep love for storytelling, Celeste blends traditional tarot wisdom with modern insights to explore life’s mysteries and challenges. Drawing on years of experience in tarot reading and spiritual guidance, she aims to enlighten, inspire, and empower others on their personal journeys. When not writing or reading the cards, Celeste can be found wandering in nature, seeking inspiration from the world around her. Follow her explorations and discoveries on the journey through the tarot at https://www.learningtarot.net.

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