The Spirited Tarot: A Light-hearted Look at Alcohol and Tarot

Dear Seekers of the Mysterious and the Merry,

Today, we embark on a journey not into the realm of spirits that you might expect in our usual tarot discourse but rather, into the world of spirits that come bottled and brewed. Yes, my friends, we’re talking about alcohol and its curious relationship with the practice of tarot reading.

Now, before we uncork our topic, let me remind you: we’re here for a good time, not a long time, so let’s approach this with the same respect and caution we give to any tool in our mystical toolkit. Remember, tarot reading, much like sipping a fine wine, is an art form that requires clarity, focus, and, most importantly, intention.

The Toast of Tradition

In the rich tapestry of British Traditional Witchcraft (BTW), of which your humble author is an ever-curious student, the use of alcohol in ritual is as variegated as the patterns on a pentacle. Ale, wine, and mead have long been poured in libation, shared in cakes and ale ceremonies, and used as offerings to deities, spirits, and the ancestral dead. These practices remind us of the sacredness of the earth’s bounty and our connection to the divine.

Drawing parallels between this and tarot, one might consider the deck as one’s vineyard, each card a different grape variety, contributing to the complex flavour profile of a reading. Just as a ritual with alcohol should be conducted with reverence and respect, so too should a tarot session be approached with a clear intention and a sober mind—metaphorically speaking, of course.

A Spirited Reading

Now, let’s stir the cauldron and peer into the misty realms of tarot and alcohol combined. Some readers may find that a sip of wine helps loosen the tongue and the psychic faculties, lending a certain fluidity to the reading. Indeed, there’s something to be said for the relaxing properties of alcohol, which can help break down the barriers of the conscious mind and tap into the subconscious.

However, my dears, as your slightly cheeky guide, I must wag a finger and advise moderation. Just as too much salt spoils the broth, too much wine can cloud the waters of intuition. A tarot reading requires a balance of energies, and while a light touch of spirits might open psychic doorways, an excess could lead you down the garden path—and not the enlightening one we aim for in our mystical journey.

The Hangover of the High Priestess

Let’s not forget the morning after. Tarot, in its essence, is about reflection, guidance, and sometimes, hard truths. If one were to approach the cards in a less than lucid state, the messages could become muddled, the insights skewed. The High Priestess, with her deep, knowing gaze, urges us to approach her secrets with a clear mind and a pure heart, lest we misinterpret her wisdom.

In the traditions of witchcraft, as in tarot, what we bring to the circle—be it a literal or metaphorical one—matters. Bring a bottle, by all means, but also bring your best self. The spirits of the tarot, like those in our chalice, deserve respect, and in return, they will reveal their truest essence.

In Vino Veritas—In Tarot, Truth

So, dear seekers, as we swirl the rich, dark liquid of knowledge in our cup, let us ponder the role of alcohol in our sacred practices. Let it be a tool, not a crutch; a complement, not a hindrance. In our quest for truth, let us remember that the clearest insights often come from a place of sobriety, both of mind and spirit.

In conclusion, whether you choose to imbibe as part of your tarot practice is a personal decision, steeped in your own traditions, boundaries, and wisdom. Like any ingredient in a potion, alcohol should be used with intention and understanding. And remember, the most intoxicating readings are those that come from a place of clarity, connection, and a splash of mystical insight.

With a cheeky wink and a toast to your journey,

Alex Grayson

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Alex Grayson is your cheeky guide through the mystical landscapes of tarot, British Traditional Witchcraft, and the occult. With a lifetime spent in communion with the natural and supernatural realms, Alex offers a blend of deep esoteric knowledge and lighthearted wisdom at When not delving into the mysteries of the tarot or wandering ancient forests, Alex crafts articles infused with wit, warmth, and a touch of whimsy, aiming to illuminate the path for fellow seekers and curious souls. Join Alex for a journey filled with magical insights, herbal lore, and a heartfelt invitation to explore the sacred dance of the cosmos.

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