Learn Tarot – The Major Arcana

The 22 Major Arcana represent archetypes, these are clear statements, patterns and ideas that represent the human life / story.  We start our journey as the fool (innocent, adventurous, perhaps naive) and progress through the major arcana until reaching our destination; enlightenment (The World).

A basic list of the major associations can be found below:-

00The FoolBeginnings, innocence
1IThe MagicianPower, action, manifestation, the link between the divine and physical
2IIHigh PriestessIntuition, mystery, subconscious
3IIIThe EmpressFertility, femininity, nature
4IVThe EmperorAuthority, structure, foundations, father figure
5VThe HeirophantReligion, dogma, conformity, control
6VIThe LoversLove, partnership
7VIIThe ChariotControl, will power, determiniation, movement
8VIIIStrengthStrength, courage, control, compassion
9IXThe HermitSpiritual wisdom, introspection, meditation
10XThe Wheel of FortuneCycles, karma, luck
11XIJusticeJustice, fairness, law
12XIIThe Hanged ManRestriction, different viewpoints
13XIIIDeathEnd of a cycle, new beginnings, transition
14XIVTemperanceBalance, moderation
15XVThe DevilAddiction, sexuality, materialism
16XVIThe TowerDisaster, destruction of ego, change, revelation
17XVIIThe StarSpirituality, wonder, inspiration
18XVIIIThe MoonIllusion, fear, subconscious
19XIXThe SunLight, warmth, positivity
20XXJudgementJudgement, inner struggle, morales
21XXIThe WorldCompletion, accomplishment, travel

The major arcana can be divided in several ways in order to gain additional insight.  One of the common methods is to separate the fool then divide the remaining 21 cards into 3 lines of 7 cards.   The first line (1-7) represents how others perceive us, the second (8-14) represent how we perceive ourselves and the final (15-22) represent deeper spiritual truths.

In the next post, we’ll start to put the pieces together – Learn Tarot – Putting The Pieces Together

Note: This is a ‘work in progress’; a placeholder until a more detailed article can be added.


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