Harmonizing the Ethereal: A Journey through Moon Foundation’s New Age Odyssey

In the ever-evolving landscape of new age music, few projects stand out with the distinctive allure and spiritual depth of Moon Foundation. Founded in the late ’90s as a personal exploration of eclectic musical genres, Moon Foundation has journeyed through the realms of paganism, mysticism, and introspection, weaving a unique blend of soundscapes that transport listeners to otherworldly dimensions. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the heart of Moon Foundation, exploring the genesis of this remarkable project, the inspiration drawn from ancient beliefs, and the artistic evolution that has defined its journey. Join us as we uncover the magical confluence of music, belief, and creativity with the visionary behind Moon Foundation.

Starting the Journey

Moon Foundation has been a distinctive voice in the new age and pagan music scene since the late ’90s. Can you share what initially inspired you to start this project and how you decided on the unique blend of new-age elements with electronic music?

Hi Celeste. Thanks for your interest! Moon Foundation originally started as an outlet for my solo material in the late 90s. At this time my interests were quite eclectic; on the one hand my fascination with paganism led me to compose tracks which may now be considered new age, and on the other my history in the alternative music culture pushed me towards electronic and industrial tracks. Moon Foundation at this point was a mish-mash of material without any clear direction with some tracks even crossing genres, placing new-age style lyrics alongside more electronic rhythms. I’m not sure if this led to attracting or alienating fans but each genre seemed moderately successful at the the time, with my first payment in my career arriving from mp3.com. I think I still have the cheque framed somewhere – I never did cash it!

That’s a fascinating origin story! It’s quite interesting how the fusion of your eclectic interests birthed Moon Foundation, blending diverse musical landscapes to create something truly unique. The story behind your first cheque, and your decision to frame it rather than cash it, speaks volumes about your journey and passion for your craft.

Evolution Over Time

As Moon Foundation transitioned from its eclectic roots to focus more distinctly on new-age elements, how did your creative process and musical direction evolve? What influenced this shift, and how were you able to integrate your personal beliefs and interests into the music?

Firstly, it’s probably fair to say my new age material was more popular. Secondly, whilst I had released two compilations (one new age, titled ‘The New Age’ and a second electronic titled ‘Electrospective’), I removed the electronic album from my catalogue due to a few tracks not sitting well with me. Thirdly, I think I spent about a decade contributing music to other art projects and on my return, Moon Foundation (with the deleted electronic compilation) feels like the better home for new age material. Admittedly, my most recent work has been released under the name ‘Pennycross Coven’ as I wanted a link to my old home town of Plymouth (UK). Pennycross Coven is also a darker style (aka ‘hauntology’) – which gives space for me to explore the more calming new age and pagan elements under the ‘Moon Foundation’ name. Paganism has been a theme throughout this project from the early days of Goddess Chant and As Above So Below, to the latest 2023 track The Witches’ Rune.

It’s clear that your journey with Moon Foundation has been one of introspection and evolution, aligning more closely with your personal interests and beliefs over time. The distinction between your projects, the transition to focusing on new-age material under Moon Foundation, and the creation of Pennycross Coven to explore different thematic elements showcase your adaptability and commitment to your artistic integrity.

Incorporating Pagan Themes

You’ve mentioned that paganism has been a recurring theme in your work, from the early days up to your latest track, “The Witches’ Rune.” Could you elaborate on how your personal beliefs and practices have influenced your music? Additionally, how do you approach the integration of specific pagan themes and elements into your compositions to ensure they resonate authentically with both yourself and your audience?

Great question. I remember in the early days I’d fall asleep at night reading The Witches’ Bible, with a head full of magic and possibilities. I’d then spend the next day working on music in an almost trance-like state. Integrating my beliefs at that time wasn’t so much a conscious effort – but rather a mindset. I was young, full of awe and wonder and I think this somehow naturally came out via my music.

Later tracks (albeit still included on The New Age) such as Dark Forest and Loneliness were an effort to return to Moon Foundation, inspired by the trends of the time – the haunting tones of ‘witch house’ before the term evolved into something altogether different.

My release The Witches’ Rune in 2023 was due to having material recorded but sitting unused, originally put together for ritual use. Due to various delays and issues, I eventually decided to go ahead and release it publicly. I hope to return to this project again, using the experience I’ve gained over the last 20+ years to evolve the project into something altogether more magical.

Your approach to integrating your beliefs into your music is deeply inspiring. It seems that your creative process is almost like a magical act itself, where your personal journey and experiences directly feed into your art, creating an authentic and resonant experience for your audience.

Future Horizons

You’ve touched upon the idea of returning to Moon Foundation with the wealth of experience you’ve gained over the years. Could you share more about your vision for the future of Moon Foundation? How do you envision your past experiences and learnings shaping the evolution of your music and themes, especially in relation to new age and pagan elements?

Whilst my music has definitely evolved over the years I listen to many of my early tracks with a sense of awe. If I could rediscover that early sense of creativity, but using the tools and production methods I’m now familiar with – I would be very happy indeed. Looking back, it’s really amazing to think what I created using such primitive tools. I also think any future work will keep the new age and pagan inspiration at the forefront of the project.

It’s truly exciting to hear about your vision for the future of Moon Foundation, blending that raw, initial creativity with modern production techniques and maintaining the new age and pagan themes. Your commitment to your roots while embracing growth and evolution in your music is what makes your work stand out.

Advice and Inspiration

Finally, for those who are just beginning their journey in music or exploring the integration of their personal beliefs and experiences into their art, what advice would you give? And what do you hope listeners take away from your music, particularly those who are exploring or are part of the pagan community?

My advice: just do it. Great music can be created with the minimum of tools/instruments. Music can also be hypnotic, transporting the listener to magical places – without the greatest instruments or production quality. I hope people find my music useful, meditative, inspirational, reflective, or … at the very least they feel *something*.

My music can be found on most streaming services. More information and links can also be found at http://www.moonfoundation.com/

Thanks, Celeste!

Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences. Your advice is empowering, emphasizing the essence of creativity and emotional connection over perfection in tools or production. Your hope for your listeners to find a spectrum of emotional and spiritual experiences in your music speaks volumes about your dedication as an artist.

Thank you for entrusting me with this interview. Your journey with Moon Foundation and Pennycross Coven is a testament to the power of integrating personal beliefs with creative expression, and it’s been enlightening discussing this with you. I’m sure your insights will inspire many budding musicians and those in the pagan community.

Best wishes for your continued success, and may your future projects continue to enchant and inspire. If there’s anything more you’d like to explore or discuss, feel free to reach out.

Thank you again!

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