How to Phrase your Question

So there you are, you have your shiny new tarot deck. You understand what the numbers and suits mean and you’re ready to start putting the world to rights but wait, what should you ask? How should you ask it? Are there rules?

The simple answer is no. It’s your tarot deck and the universe knows how to communicate with you through the deck. However, there are some general conventions you can use to get the most out of your readings.

Yes/No Questions

Yes/No questions are best read using a pendulum. Tarot works much better for open ended questions. Tarot allows you to go into a lot more depth than just yes/no so you might not get the straight answer you were looking for.

You will see systems online for reading yes/no questions such as odds vs evens or suit vs suit but then if you pull one of these cards, do you discard the message in the card you’ve pulled and focus solely on the number or is the card relevant too? These systems are rarely based on esoteric evidence and whilst you can use them, you can save yourself a whole lot of confusion by simply using a pendulum.

Framing your question

It’s really important to think about what you actually want to learn from your question and to phrase your question accordingly. For example, “How does person X feel about me?” is not the same as “What is my romantic future with person X”.

Be specific and if you have a time frame in mind, make sure you include that in your question. If you ask “What are my job prospects in the doughnut industry?”, well yes, you may get a job in the doughnut industry but it could be in 50 years time. “What are my job prospects in the doughnut industry within the next year?” will give you a much more useful answer.

Asking what you can do to manifest your dreams

We all want to know what the outcome of a situation will be or what is going to happen to us in the next month but what use is that information if you don’t ask how you can make that happen?

Manifestation and doing the work to make your dreams a reality is one of the key recurring themes in the tarot along with moving beyond the past in order to bring your inner and outer worlds into alignment. Once you have completed your initial reading, it’s always worth asking what YOU need to do to in order to either make that outcome a reality or change that outcome if the reading was not favourable.

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