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I considered constructing a spread with chosen cards to demonstrate how a reading may work in practice.  However, I then had a question of my own and the resultant cards seem so perfect I thought it a great opportunity to not only perform a simple reading but relate the cards to the querent/question.

Ready?  First some personal background…

The last few years have not been particularly happy years due to a number of personal reasons.  I’ve been looking for an opportunity to move abroad and such an opportunity recently presented itself (a job!) – which I quickly accepted.  However, despite being sure this is what I want to be doing – it’s still a huge change and I’ll be leaving friends and family behind in the UK.

I drew 3 cards for a past/present/future spread – specifically in relation to me having accepted this job.

Past, Present, Future

It’s wonderful how I can not touch tarot for a month – then my first reading can ‘hit the nail on the head’ – so precisely.

Past: 9 of Cups.  Whilst having been previously happy, I’ve always felt there’s something missing;  It’s always felt like I’m one step away from where I’ve wanted to be emotionally.  I’ve been through the journey, the conflict of the 5s, the communication of the 6s, the reflection of the 7s and the effort exerted in the 8s – but I’ve always felt that one step away from the completion/happiness of the 10s.

Present: 8 of Pentacles.  Creation, movement, making efforts in the physical (work, finances, perhaps geographical?) – given my question could this be any more accurate?  I’m definitely taking steps to get where I want to be.

Future: 4 of Cups, emotional stability, building strong foundations.  Interpreting the RWS illustration, it’s very much a step on from the success/celebration of the 3s;  The 3 cups are standing with the 4th being offered – the opportunity of emotional stability is there if I wish to take it

Simple, accurate and so very relevant to my situation right now.  

We now have some strong foundations on which to build. If you’re interested in taking your study a step further, you may wish to consider the following articles and tutorials. Both are presented in a basic form as an introduction to the topics listed; further reading is definitely recommended!

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It should be noted however, that both the above subjects can be very deep rabbit holes to explore. The number associations we’ve used before are simplified ways of expressing these deeper associations; the finer points (associations mentioned elsewhere, not directly related to the numbers and often without explanation) can be found when in both Astrology and the Hermetic Qabalah.

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