Learn Tarot – The Numbers (Revisited)

In a previous article we listed the basic number associations of the minor arcana.

To keep things simple we used the traditional RWS associations as reference.  It’s important to note that this is not the only system in use and it can be useful to cross reference the RWS and Tarot De Marseilles in order to gain further insight.   Additionally, the associated card from the major arcana is also worthy of study in reference to the minors.

Below you can find a table of these references:-

Number/DegreeModern TarotTarot de MarseillesArcanum
1Basic quality or potential in the suit, awakening, new beginnings and opportunitiesBasic quality or potential in the suit, awakening, new beginnings and opportunitiesThe Magician
2Union, balance, decisionGestationThe High Priestess
3An early successExplosive action (Sprouting)The Empress
4Building foundations, stabilityBuilding foundations, stability (Roots)The Emperor
5Conflict, lossTransition (Branches)The Heirophant/Pope
6Communication, learning to work with peopleBeauty, enjoyment, blossoming (Flowers)The Lovers
7Learning, inner (spiritual?) reflectionAction (Fruit)The Chariot
8Action, creation, movementMaturity (Ripe)Justice
9Success, or the final struggle before successEnd of a cycle (Fruit Falls)The Hermit
10Completion, success (moving on to new beginnings)Completion, success, moving to new beginnings (Seed enters earth)Wheel of Fortune
PageExploration, studyExploration, studyn/a
KnightAction, responsibilityAction, responsibilityn/a
QueenDeep expression of the suit, creativityDeep expression of the suit, creativityn/a
KingPower and success but with social responsibilityPower and success but with social responsibilityn/a

When drawing multiple cards from the minor arcana one may also wish to follow the traditional approach in numerology of reducing multiple numbers to 1 (or 2) digits and referencing the major arcana in this way (up to the limit of 22, reducing further as required).  This can be an interesting exercise for the reader but should be noted is not a standard tarot practice.

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