Learn Tarot – The Elements

Tarot, like all Western Magical Traditions has 4 core elements;  Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  Below we’ll not only outline the element/suite associations but also provide clues on how to commit them to memory.

EarthElement: Earth
Suit: Pentacles/Discs
Meaning: Earthly matters;  the home, work, finances, health
Memory Clue: Pentacles – think of discs/coins/money

AirElement: Air
Suit: Swords
Meaning: Thought, intellect, challenge, conflict
Memory Clue: Swords cut through air with a sharp edge, I think ‘sharpness of mind’

FireElement: Fire
Suit: Wands
Meaning: Adventure, exploration, illumination, direction/focus of energy, passion, creativity
Memory Clue: Think of a fire/torch (passion, adventure, illumination) and a ritual wand (directing energy/intention)

WaterElement: Water
Suit: Cups
Meaning: Emotion, love, empathy
Memory Clue: Cups hold water, water flows like emotions

Try to form your own associations (or use ours if they work for you) in order to commit these to memory.

To start building on these foundations, move forward to Learn Tarot – The Numbers

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